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Who should I see?

Before you book an appointment to see a General Practitioner or Clinical Practitioner please consider whether one of the options below might be more appropriate. They can help you with ... [continue] Who should I see?


Beacon Medical Practice is committed to providing you with the best possible access to its services. Please call us on 01754 897000 to speak to our appointment booking team, who will ... [continue] Appointments

Repeat prescriptions

We have a number of ways in which you can order your repeat prescription at Beacon Medical Practice: Repeat Slip– The easiest way to order your medication is still to ... [continue] Repeat prescriptions

Home visits

The Practice is often the best place for patient care, but sometimes a home visit may be needed. Find out what to do if you need your GP to visit ... [continue] Home visits

Online services

There is now the facility for patients to book appointments with a General Practitioner or Clinical Practitioner and order repeat prescriptions via this website. This is protected by the highest ... [continue] Online services

Test results

After your Clinician orders investigations, like blood tests, X-rays and ECG you will be informed of the result of the test. Blood tests can reveal valuable information about the cause ... [continue] Test results

MED3 (Fit Note)

It is not always necessary to see a Clinician when requesting a sick note. The information below should help you decide whether we can issue a sick note via a ... [continue] MED3 (Fit Note)


At Beacon Medical Practice we offer blood test appointments to all patients when requested by a Clinician.  These tests are performed by our competent Health Care Assistants on a daily basis.  Sometimes ... [continue] Phlebotomy

Minor surgery

Beacon Medical Practice provides minor surgical procedures in the Practice. This avoids the need for you to attend hospital and is usually much quicker. Beacon Medical Practice has a long ... [continue] Minor surgery

NHS Health Checks

As part of a national scheme Beacon Medical Practice is offering everyone between the ages of 40 and 74, who has not been diagnosed with heart disease, stroke, type 2 ... [continue] NHS Health Checks


Beacon Medical Practice offers a full range of contraceptive services including contraceptive implants as well as coils (mirena and copper). Any of the GP’s or Practice Nurses are able to ... [continue] Contraception

Cervical smears

Beacon Medical Practice provides cervical smears to women between the ages 25 and 65. Regular screening means that any problems can be identified and treated in the early stages before ... [continue] Cervical smears

NHS health information

There is plenty of information to help you manage your health on the NHS Choices website. These buttons will take you to different sections of NHS Choices and you can ... [continue] NHS health information

Non-NHS services

Most of the services provided by Beacon Medical Practice are free under the NHS, but some of our services are not covered by the National Health Service e.g. insurance medicals, ... [continue] Non-NHS services

Anti-Coagulation Update

The Anti-Coagulation service has now moved and is now provided by the local extended hours service – LADMS Please contact the service to arrange any appointments on 01507 617 730