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Minor surgery

Beacon Medical Practice provides minor surgical procedures in the Practice. This avoids the need for you to attend hospital and is usually much quicker.

Beacon Medical Practice has a long tradition in minor operations. We have a dedicated operating theatre at our premises in Skegness, equipped with medical technology to provide minor surgery to patients with a range of conditions such as removal of skin lesions, cysts, in-growing toenails, joint injections and many more procedures. We aim to provide a rapid access, local service with minimum inconvenience to our patients.

Operations are carried out by our own skilled GPs, who are competently assisted in theatre by our experienced Health Care assistants.

After being fully informed all patients will be required to sign a Patient Consent Form before any procedure is carried out.

All operations are performed under local anaesthetic (numbing of the affected area while the patient remains awake).

Most patients will be able to go about their normal business the following day but they are advised to ask somebody to drive them home.

Many skin lesions, moles and keratoses can be removed entirely by radio-wave surgery from a high frequency electrosurgical unit. Radio-surgery is a new method of treating many skin lesions using high frequency radio-waves (4 million herz) which both cuts through the skin and also seals any small blood vessels simultaneously thus avoiding the need for any stitches, and in many cases give a neater scar. This tends to give superior cosmetic results to conventional surgical excision or electrocautery.

We also offer Liquid Nitrogen Treatments (Cryotherapy) at our Practice. Cryotherapy is a medical technique that uses the extreme cold associated with cryogenic liquids to destroy cells in a controlled manner and is used to conduct minor surgical operations such as the removal of warts, skin tags and verrucae.


Date published: 15th June, 2017
Date last updated: 6th October, 2022