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This is the procedure of having a blood sample taken, usually from a blood vessel of your arm. Beacon Medical Practice undertakes all phlebotomy services for those patients who are able to attend the Surgery.

PhlebotomyWhen your Doctor requires you to have blood tests to investigate your medical condition you will be asked to go to Reception and make an appointment with the Health Care Assistant, who will then take samples of your blood for testing. During the early afternoon these samples will then be transported to the Pathology laboratory at Grimsby, where most blood tests are performed.

Patients coming for blood tests for lipids, cholesterol, triglycerides, and fasting blood sugar are to fast completely, ie, nothing but water for 12 hours before blood is taken for these tests. Patients testing for digoxin levels should present no sooner than six hours after the last dose of medication. Other samples for drug monitoring such as anticonvulsants should be through levels, ie, pre-dose.

Children are seen by appointment only in Paediatric Outpatients of Pilgrim Hospital.

After a blood test, you may have a small bruised area on your skin where the needle went in. Occasionally, a larger area of bruising may appear. This can be because there was a lack of pressure at the site of the jab or the blood vessel was damaged by the needle. Bruises can be painful but are usually harmless.

Test Results
We understand that it is important to you to find out the result of a recent test your Doctor requested for you. As soon as the test result arrives at the Surgery (usually electronically) your Doctor will view and assess the result. Often when the result is normal your Doctor will not contact you. However, if the test result is abnormal or if further tests are required, our staff will contact you by phone if possible or will write you a letter, inviting you to make an appointment preferably with the Doctor who requested the test.

Of course, you can always ring Beacon Medical Practice to find out the result of your test. Please be mindful, that our telephones are very busy in the early morning. If you are phoning for a test result, please only phone between 10am and 12pm, and between 2pm and 4pm when our lines are less busy.To ensure confidentiality, we can only release test results of people aged 16 and over to the person named on the result form, unless alternative arrangements have been agreed beforehand. You may be asked for certain information to confirm your identity. Sometimes our staff may not be able to give you the result and you may be told that you need to speak to your Doctor or make an appointment to see your Doctor.