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Non-NHS services

Most of the services provided by Beacon Medical Practice are free under the NHS, but some of our services are not covered by the National Health Service e.g. insurance medicals, private sick notes, Return to work notes and private healthcare claim forms.

We charge standard fees for each of these items which are in line with the recommended charges of the British Medical Association.

It may sometimes take your GP more time than you expect to complete your form. Time spent completing forms and preparing reports takes your GP away from the medical care of patients. Most GPs have a very heavy workload and paperwork takes up an increasing amount of their time.

Please remember that a GP can only sign passport applications if they have known you personally for two years.

Employers normally accept a self certificate sickness form (SC2) for periods of sickness up to one week, which you can sign yourself without having to see the doctor. The SC2 Employee’s Statement of Sickness form is available from your workplace, the Benefits Agency or you can download it here. There is a charge for a private sick certificate for the first week of any illness.


Fit for work notes

An employee can go back to work at any time, (including before the end of the fit note) without going back to see their doctor. Even if the doctor has indicated that they need to be seen again.
This is not a breach of Employers Liability Compulsory Insurance, providing a suitable assessment at the workplace has taken place if required.
If the patient or the employer requests that they are formally signed of that they are fit to work, they need to make a private arrangement with a GP or occupational health specialist.
The charge for this private letter will be £35.00.