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Beacon Medical Practice provides oral anticoagulation therapy (Warfarin) monitoring. The Warfarin Clinic is not restricted to those patients registered with our Practice but is accessible to any patient requiring this service.

Our anticoagulation service is delivered by Jean Walton, Jane Ball and Lisa Lathbury who are Specialist Anticoagulation Practitioners, supported by one of our GP Partners, Dr J L Quevedo, who has successfully completed the accredited University of Birmingham training to undertake this service, and meet the high standards required for providers of this service.

As well as clinics at Skegness Hospital, we are providing clinics from both of our branch sites at Ingoldmells and Chapel St Leonards to make attendance for anti-coagulation therapy more convenient for our patients. Where it is clinically indicated, we may also be able to offer a domiciliary service.


The purpose of anticoagulants is to slow down the body’s own clotting process, thereby reducing the risk of blood clots forming in certain high risk conditions:

  • Atrial Fibrillation
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Pulmonary Embolism
  • Artificial heart valves or other heart valves disorders

To be effective, warfarin must be administered to maintain a prescribed level of anticoagulation (measured by a blood test called “lNR”). Close monitoring of warfarin is required to maintain and not exceed this level of anticoagulation. Excessive anticoagulation could potentially put the patient at risk for unnecessary bleeding complications.

Blood tests are done regularly depending on the individual response to drug regimen and warfarin dosage is adjusted, as needed.