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How GP Practices use your information

Your healthcare history

We collect and hold information that includes information about you, your health and the treatment and advice that we provide. Sometimes information may be recorded about your home life and family if it is relevant to your health and healthcare management. Your GP practice also holds the information that is sent to them from other health services such as hospitals.

Staff working in the same practice

Within the practice, the staff work as a team and divide roles and responsibilities between them. This means it is likely members of the team, other than clinicians, may see your information in the course of their work. All of our staff are trained to work according to the Data Protection Act.

Planning for future health needs

GP practices in Southwark are taking part in a new NHS service that helps your GP to spot whether you need more help to manage your health. The service is called “risk profiling”. Risk profiling will allow your practice to search all of its patients’ records to identify patients who would most benefit from particular care or treatment.

The information will be seen only by qualified health workers involved in your care. NHS security systems will protect your health information and confidentiality at all times. If you don’t want your information being used in this way, or have any other concerns, please speak to your GP.

Become better connected with your GP

GP practices would like to improve how they communicate with you. If you provide them with your home telephone number, mobile phone number or email address, they may call, text or email you

Date published: 12th February, 2019
Date last updated: 14th December, 2021