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Lines open at 8am for appointments


From Monday 16th April 2018 our new appointment system launches.

Developed in partnership with the Beacon Medical Practice Patient Participation Group, based on Patient feedback.

How does the new appointment system work?  

  • From 8:50am each morning (Monday to Friday*) our GPs and Clinical Practitioners will operate a “sit and wait” clinic.
  • From 8:00am each morning (Monday to Friday*) you can check-in at Reception and wait to see a Clinician. Where availability allows Clinician choice will be given.
  • Once you have been placed on the sit and wait list we cannot guarantee how long you might be waiting or what time you might be seen but we can ensure that you will be seen.
  • (*Excludes Bank Holidays)

Afternoon clinics with our GPs and Clinical Practitioners are all pre-booked in advance:

  • This is to allow Clinicians the opportunity to invite Patients in for follow-ups and to provide results.
  • There are also a number of pre-bookable appointments available for patient booking. These appointments will be released 1 day before and 7 days in advance. There will be no pre-booking availability beyond this point in an effort to reduce DNA’s (non-attendance) at the Practice.

Why can’t I have a call back? I always have before:

  • For a number of years Beacon Medical Practice have operated an Emergency Callback list, where patients were able to receive a call from our Duty Practitioners.
  • Unfortunately this service was widely abused with minor ailments. This is not sustainable in a General Practice of our size, where services are extremely strained.
  • By releasing our Duty GP and support team back into clinics, we are able to increase the number of appointments we have available to offer to our Patients each day.

How to access pre-bookable appointments:

By Telephone:

  • The appointments line will be open from 08:00am.
  • Alternatively you can use the options below which are available 24/7.
  • The appointments will be released daily at 08:00am for 7 days time and for the following day.

Patient Partner:

  • To register for our Patient Partner appointment service, simply attend the Reception Desk in person with a valid form of ID (passport, driving license, birth certificate).
  • Full instructions are provided on registration.


  • To register for our SystmOnline, Service simply attend the Reception Desk in person with a valid form of ID (passport, driving license, birth certificate).
  • You will be issued with a unique username and password which will allow you access to the online service.
  • Full instructions are provided on registration.


Did you know?

  • If you suspect that you may have a urine infection, please collect a ‘red topped’ sample bottle from any of our surgeries and then return the sample to Skegness surgery reception desk before 12:00pm (no appointment necessary).
  • Your sample will then be dipped by one of our Healthcare professionals and any medical advice for you will be available from 16:00pm, by telephoning 01754 897000.

Did you know?

  • Our Administrative Staff have received training in navigating you to all alternative services that are available to help you once the surgery has reached its daily capacity.
  • Our Clinicians ask that you respectfully answer any questions they may ask you, as this knowledge may assist you in receiving medical advice or assistance promptly.
  • They are also trained to recognise symptoms which may flag an urgent medical condition. In this instance they may advise you to ring 999 if they feel it is appropriate.