Main phone number: 01754 897000

Email Address: [email protected]

Practice nurses

We have a Practice Nursing Team that consists of both Practice Nurses and and Health Care Assistants.

Practice Nurses

Our Practice Nurses are specially trained in chronic diseases, like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and respiratory diseases and offer clinics to help you manage your particular conditions. Our Practice Nurses, provide a wide range of services including:
Removal of sutures, wound dressing, child and adult immunisations, ear syringing, travel vaccines and advice, health promotion advice, cervical smears and contraception.

Health Care Assistants (HCA)

The Health Care Assistants are making a valuable and meaningful contribution to the work of the practice team, supporting both Practice Nurses and GPs.
The Health Care Assistants (HCAs) are very experienced in phlebotomy and take most blood samples within the Practice. Other services provided by HCAs include carrying out ECGs, spirometry, ear irrigation, blood pressure monitoring, diabetic foot checks as well as assisting GPs with minor surgery.